Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday.  Speed work day.  With heat and humidity prevalent and an early morning breakfast meeting, I was up and at ’em bright and early.  Today’s interval session called for six intervals (400 meters, 800 meters, 1 mile, 800 meters, 1 mile, 800 meters).  That’s a lot of interval time and distance.  And unfortunately for me, my pacing was way off and way too quick at the beginning.  I was also forced to use the “neighborhood loop” instead of the track again as fall sports seasons are in full swing.  By the way, Kudos to the Parkside High Rams cross country team who was at it before 6:00 a.m.  What started out as a leisurely paced warm-up turned quickly into very tough battle conditions as my body was tested to overcome the fatigue that high humidity can take from you.  Even though I was prepared and took a bottle of Gatorade out with me it wasn’t enough to overcome the perspiration and energy loss that today’s workout took from me.

Despite my struggles, I was able to complete the entire workout and never gave in to the temptation to cut things short or quit altogether.  I have to admit that those thoughts crossed my mind but I resisted the temptation and repeated a phrase that I’ve repeated to myself many times before when training for marathons.  The phrase is “suffer now or suffer later.”  Obviously there is a level of suffering that is required when training for anything, including a marathon.  That mantra is something I have used to help motivate me.  The thought process goes something like this.  Work hard now and suffer now.  Working hard now should minimize the suffering on race day.  I was so tired today that as I uttered “suffer now or suffer later” to myself I thought, “what if I suffer now and suffer later?”  It’s negative thoughts like those that can make workouts and marathons themselves seem way more difficult than they already are.  So I tried as hard as I could to think positive thoughts and pushed myself to finish my workout even if my times were not what I hoped they would be.  I wondered briefly if the power of positive thinking is true or if there was any way to prove that just thinking positively can create positive results.  Too much thinking on a morning like today.  I cut those thoughts out and focused on finishing.  Eventually I did.  There is something satisfying about finishing and not caving to the pressure to cut it short.  Like the shirt that I wore outside today, it was just another day on the roads, gettin’ in road work.

Run on…

Road Work

Early a.m. Road Work


Really wanted Dunkin’ after seeing this sign…