Monday, August 17, 2015

Today marks 68 days remaining until the 40th Marine Corps Marathon, which is now just 9 weeks, 6 days away.  Today is the day that marks “singles” for me, as discussed and compared to this post from July 17.  Only instead of under ten miles remaining in a race I am now under 10 weeks remaining until race day.

It is hard to believe how fast the first six weeks of training has gone.  Today is a good day for me to review my progress and note how I’m faring thus far.  Given that my official Runner’s World VIP training plan is the break 4:00 hours plan, I would have to say I’m faring quite well.  All of my suggested times have been faster than they need to be (according to the plan).  However, if I’m being honest, I have had an up-and-down training period thus far.  The struggles on the long runs and the few speed workout blips are still concerning, but I have also been pleased with several facets of my training period.  I have had a few successful speed sessions, and the fact that my body has remained mostly healthy has been a huge plus.  I feel as though I’ve mixed in enough rest and low mileage days to offset the rigors of hard training.  Any runner can tell you that it’s a delicate balance between over-training and training too little.  The reality is that moving forward from this point my mileage will continue to upswing and it will be even more important for me to continue to monitor my aches and pains and balance quality miles with just getting in the miles. 

This past weekend afforded me an opportunity to adjust my plans due to circumstances that required adjustments, and I feel I did exactly what I needed to do.  Even though I ran less miles than the training plan called for,  I balanced that with some intense hill work, a longer than required tempo, and was able to do so while doing an actual race.  Racing is a perfect gauge for telling you where you are at.  It may seem oversimplified, but you cannot imitate race conditions without an actual race.

At this stage of the game I have to realize that training has been done in some very high heat and humidity conditions so my times will be slower and although I don’t’ use it as an excuse, it is the reality.  As I look forward to the ten weeks that remain in front of me, I am confident that I will continue to improve as the temperatures should moderate. My focus is forward and with continued diligence I will trust my training and take it one day at a time.  With only “singles” remaining I can ill afford to approach this any other way.

Run on…