Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Today was Wednesday, and according to my Runner’s World VIP training schedule that meant one thing: Intervals!.  Interval Wednesday was something I looked forward to last week but after the heat and humidity made it a lot harder than anticipated I wasn’t as ecstatic about heading out today.  Just like last week when the temperature was 75 degrees with 94% humidity, the weather today as I walked out the door was a balmy 74 degrees with 94% humidity.  I’m sure that in some instances, 1-degree can make a world of difference, like in architecture.  Not so much with the temperature and running.  Just like last week the plan called for intervals, which again, are defined as short, intense efforts of running followed by equal or slightly longer recovery time.  Sandwiched, of course, by a 2-mile warm-up and 2-mile cool down.  The difference today  was that 600 meter runs were added.  Today called for seven intervals broken down like this: 3 – 400 meter runs (one lap around the track), 2 – 600 meter runs (1 1/2 laps around the track), and 2 – 400 meter runs.  Interestingly, on my Runmeter App, the graphs of my runs are a fairly straight line with small peaks and valleys as I speed up and slow down.  I noticed today that visually on the app, an interval run actually looks like an interval run.  Note below:

Interval Visual

Pretty cool if you ask me.

I was on annual leave from work today, but because we are preparing for an office move across town I had to go in this morning for a little over an hour to pack up some things before heading out on my run.  The delay was just enough to get me started about an hour later than I normally would have on a regular work day.  As a result I ran in more plentiful sunshine.  If you are a sun worshiper, I’m about to offend you.  I hate the sun.  Let me clarify that statement.  I hate running in the sun.  When you pick up a copy of my book you’ll read plenty about races that I ran in the sunshine and how it saps my energy.  I’m more of a high 40’s, low 50’s temperature, light-mist o a steady-rain kind of guy.  But I digress.

After my warm-up I made my way to the track at Parkside High School, home of the Parkside Rams.  It’s the closest track to my house and although it’s not a public track I have the benefit of being employed by Wicomico County Public Schools.  I asked for and received permission to utilize the track for my training.  As an employee of the Board I suppose you could call it member privileges, but I want to publicly thank the Board and those involved in allowing me to use the facility one day a week.

The intervals themselves were a bit of a disappointment because as I got deeper into the workout my times slowed considerably.  Not to sound like a broken record but much like last week I would have to attribute a lot of that to the humidity and the abundant sunshine.  But since I was out later than usual I received a surprise in the form of the Parkside High Football Team who arrived for their summer workouts.  For about fifteen minutes I ran while the Rams prepped for their session.  On one interval in particular I passed the team on their warm-up lap.  The team could not have been more respectful as they stepped aside giving me the inside lane.  As I finished my workout I couldn’t help but think back to my high school career and the summer workouts in July that we would do in the evenings.  I would like to thank the boys and the coaching staff for allowing me to share their space even if it was only for a short while.  Today will be a day I look back on as the day I ran with the Rams!