Saturday, July 11, 2015


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it really wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but it was one of the hardest rains I’ve had to run in for awhile.  And one that fell throughout the run.  As a runner that prefers cooler temperatures and rain (not necessarily together) I’d have to say today was a good day to do my 10-miler.  I wasn’t supposed to do my weekly long run until tomorrow but when the rain washed out my umpiring duties this morning I did what all good runners do; I adjusted.  Even a small detail like today will become critically important at some point during training or more importantly, during the actual marathon.  I was trying to avoid doing my long run and home plate umpiring duties in the same day and after the rain out today I’ve now got two games tomorrow so I bumped my long run up by one day.  Oddly, despite my schedule calling for weekly long runs on Sunday I prefer to do them on Saturdays and had toyed with moving the run to Saturday anyway.  Funny how some things work out.

Incidentally one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time is Snoopy, so it was nice to work him into my daily posts today, especially since we are both aspiring writers.  Possibly one of the best cartoon strips of all time, in my opinion.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but here is a shot of the start of today’s dreary run:


Back to the actual run today.  As I completed a 10-mile loop through the streets of Salisbury I couldn’t help but think about the two most important runs of the week.  Today was one of them.  When prepping for a marathon it is imperative that the long run goes well and the weekly speed workout goes well.  With my first week of training coming to a close tomorrow I will have put in 28 miles and had a decent speed workout as well as an acceptable long run.  I felt fatigued today but not complete exhaustion.  If I go back and review my past experience I realize that I probably need to focus on getting more sleep, cutting out or at least back on my desserts, slowing down when the runs need to be slower, and continuing to focus on staying hydrated.  It is a combination of all those things that will keep my healthy, which is also a big part of the training.  If I can do those things I will avoid the actual dark, and stormy nights that our friend Snoopy first penned in 1971.