It seems appropriate that my first post in almost three years is on Easter Sunday, the ultimate day of rebirth.  This website was created to document the trials and tribulations of one regular man and his journey to the Boston Marathon, culminating with the publishing of Four Seconds from Boston.  I’m very lucky to have sold more than 100 books.  It is not a New York Times Bestseller by any stretch of the imagination.  There are millions of books.  Perhaps my topic or subject matter was not something that interested people.  I’m okay with how things turned out.  I didn’t expect it to sell millions of copies.  Inevitably, I just wanted to see it through to the end.  I started writing because writing is something I enjoy doing.  I have come to realize that it is a talent I did not and do not use enough.  I never really looked at writing as something enjoyable until I started blogging and writing my book.  Then, I was doing it because I loved doing it, and it brought me great joy to write about my experiences and share it on the world wide web.

The hit counter on my site tells me there are lots of visitors.  It also tells me that many of them are spammers, bots, or criminals who are looking for a way to profit in some way by hijacking the site and getting to my personal information.  Keeping up with a website can be a lot of work while diligently trying to stay ahead of this, while producing content that is interesting, fresh, and new.  As consumers, we are bombarded with so many options on the Internet, hundreds of channels of television, and countless options to keep ourselves entertained, and occupied, and all of this is easily accessible on hand-held devices 24-7-365.  But, for the past three years this website remained stagnant with no new content and nothing new to offer.  While I took a hiatus from keeping up with this site, I was working toward my Doctor of Business Administration from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware.  The wonders of the Internet allowed me to complete my degree almost entirely online.  Along the way I learned so much about research and fact-finding and becoming a better writer.  Publishing the book behind this website was nothing more than a hobby.  I wrote the way I felt and often the way I talked.  I made a lot of grammatical errors, but I didn’t care.  The writing was for me and for those who knew me, and those who happened to stumble onto my little piece of the Internet.  Going through my doctoral journey taught me how to write as a researcher but more importantly it taught me how to think differently.  Opinions are something to be challenged, always.  We all form hypotheses in our minds, and we formulate opinions about things we read or see in our world.  As human beings we are inherently biased.  Doctoral work is all about challenging your own bias and looking at alternative hypotheses.  Yes, I believe this or that, but why might I be wrong?  I’m a better writer.  I don’t regret writing my book.  I do wish I had had this experience before writing it.  When I tell people that, they say, “well, write another book.”  That’s not off the table.  I may do that at some point.  I have some ideas.  I genuinely enjoyed doing research.  And I still enjoy writing more than ever.  Which is what brought me to this post today.

Every year since 2017 and my last real post, I wrestled with paying my annual fee to keep this website going or throwing away all the work that is this website.  All the posts, photos, and energy that went into creating what was built over several years made me realize I didn’t want to throw it away even though I wasn’t adding anything.  But what purpose does the site have anymore?  I ran the Boston Marathon in 2011.  I can say that I am no longer a marathon runner.  I haven’t run a race longer than five miles in almost two years.  I still run, and I never want to leave the foundation that built this website.  But perhaps there is more that I can offer.  I want to keep writing.  I want to keep researching.  I want to keep running.  And I want to continue to share what I learn through the power of prose.  I think I can continue to do all of it.  Yes, I will continue to write about running, but I think I’ll write about so much more.

As of today, my website and my writing are reborn.  I’ve been compiling some ideas and thoughts and plan to continue posting.  Am I brave enough to venture into the salty world of politics?  Maybe, but not today.  For today is about one of the greatest miracles in the history of man.  My thoughts and feelings about religion and God have been challenged.  But, like Christians all over the world, I believe that Jesus was crucified, died, and buried. Then, three days later was raised from the dead.  No way will I ever compare bringing my website and writing back to life to that greatest of miracles.  But on Easter Sunday, the ultimate day of rebirth, I have decided to continue doing what I love to do.  I will read, write, and continue to share my God-given gift with anyone interested in reading.  In the movie A Bronx Tale, Lorenzo, played by Robert De Niro tells his 9-year old son who is played by Frank Capra, “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever” (1983, September 29). A Bronx Tale [Review of A Bronx Tale]. Savoy Pictures.  The clip of this memorable scene is here:

I believe we all have a purpose, perhaps many purposes to be on this earth.  I believe one of my purposes is to write.  Recently I read Joe Gibbs’ book Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success.  There is a chapter on purpose and one of Joe’s guest writers Tony Evans poses the question of what is our reason for being (Gibbs, et al.)?  He also proposes that the answer can be found in Acts 13:36, which says “When David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed.”  Part of my purpose is to write.  How do you interpret this biblical verse and how it pertains to one’s purpose?  Well, that is for you to decide.

Happy Easter everyone.

Run on…