Monday, December 12, 2016

Okay, so it’s not winter yet.  The temperatures have been slipping a bit and it’s darker outside longer, so cut me some slack.  How about this; it feels like winter?  Okay, so I guess it could be worse.  I’ve got it, how about my running has hit a bit of the doldrums?  It’s very typical after a big race for my running and my general state of well-being to take a bit of a dip, even around the holidays.  Nothing could be further from the truth after running the world’s largest marathon in New York City just over a month ago.  Which, oddly, was also the last time I posted something.  Granted, it’s not as bad as I’m making it sound.  In fact, I’ve been quite comfortable with my lackadaisical running schedule, if for no other reason than I’ve gone through a few weeks of upper respiratory issues, which made backing off easier.  When it comes to messing around with possible pneumonia I err on the side of caution.  Call me silly if you wish.  Well, you may want to since I still headed to several very cold hockey rinks and skated games while dealing with stuffy nose, headaches, and chest congestion.  I’ve also done a few runs, including one race at one of my favorite races (Ocean City Christmas Lights Jingle Bell 5k). But I digress….

As the holiday season and a new year approaches, I am left to ponder my next move.  Truth be told, I attempted to get into the United Airlines New York City half-marathon in March but was not selected in the lottery.  It’s funny, I’ve only ever been there once but I already love New York City and hope to return there in the very near future.  As a superstitious person by nature (and if you’ve read my book, you’d already know this), I do have some other plans but for fear of jinxing anything I will hold off until there is something to actually report.  I will share that I have entered into another race lottery and plan on a few others as the lottery systems for those races open in the coming months.

In the interim, I continue to snack on Christmas cookies while fighting weight gain that goes along with my general “running” malaise.  I still have the opportunity to establish my second highest annual mileage total so not all is lost as the winter doldrums continue — albeit not much longer.  I began my return to good health and hopefully consistent running once again with an excellent 3-miler tonight.

Run on…